The Trace – Murder Mystery Game

The Trace was a murder mystery game developed by Relentless Software. In the game the player had to take up the role of a detective to solve murder mysteries. The game was available on android’s google play store and iOS.

This game involves the player to investigate, find clues, examine the crime scenes, keeping the player involved from beginning to the end.

the trace game

Solve The Mystery

The plot of the game revolves around the role of a Baltimore Police detective Sam Pearce who starts investigating a suicide which later turns out to be a murder case. Throughout the game Sam remain in touch with his lab partner Alex. Alex help him in providing information related to DNA, leads, etc.

In the game you connect the dots, collect evidences, making you feel like a smart detective.

Overall a exciting game to play.

Discover clues, find the leads, and reveal the proof

Investigate an intriguing case. Find the leads and search for clues. Players use to tap to move around the crime scene and for the collection of leads. Players were provided with following features to make the game more realistic and challenging.

  • Explore detailed 3D environments
  • Interact with hundreds of objects
  • Find hidden forensic evidence
  • Collect clues and make deductions.

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